RE:Rambled… Hydraulic P-Fixed Flash Pump

Derrick May once famously cited the Detroit techno sound as being a bit “like George Clinton and Kraftwerk […] stuck in an elevator with only a sequencer to keep them company.” Then at some point in the founding years of drum machine misuse, a certain Orlando Voorn stepped into his sample-heavy Fix moniker and took that quote quite literally; by sliced the lead riff from the Clinton-fronted P-Funk All Stars track, Hydraulic Pump Part. III, Fix delivered a fearsome loop, notched up by an astonishing 20-30 bpm’s. The result being an outright banger, but one which shouldn’t be pigeonholed amongst the mindless barrage of stadium tailored bastardary. This maintains the raw funk!

Listening to the original tune now, it’s no surprise Hydraulic Pump went in for the techno treatment. At its original pace however, the power remains to cause screwing up of the face whilst continually moving your index and middle fingers in a perpendicular motion towards the floor; a natural reaction to a sound or riff or beat that can only be described as dope.

Fix – Flash [KMS Records]

P-Funk All Stars – Hydraulic Pump Part. III [Virgin]


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