Eduardo de la Calle: Fanboy or the real deal?

No matter how dynamic or ‘out there’ the opinions of such Detroit icons’ come across – be it Underground Resistance, DJ Bone, Derrick May, Omar S, etc. – you always get a sense it has some kind of purity behind it. No Matter how arrogant. For example the UR collective’s belief and reasoning behind concealing their identities was a response to over-sensationalism of artist ego and putting the music at the forefront, before the artist. It was also a big ‘fuck you’ to the mass-marketing hype machine. All very credible reasons, which has led to the label garnering much love and respect throughout the years.

The only problem with this, is that when an artist(s) or a label comes along and does something out of the norm, they, or it, attracts an avid following who register the image and beliefs like some sort of creed. Since the early days of UR many bodies within the electronic music spectrum have used anonymity and anti-marketing as a main image factor behind their ‘brand’ – Aphex Twin, Burial, Sandwell District, Horizontal Ground and, ‘YAK’, Deadmau5. However, wanting to remain anoymous surely seems like a fair demand. However, it depends how one flaunts it…

Eduardo de la Calle is a Spanish producer whose appearance and image is very uncanny to that of Underground Resistance. He admits this, and he even shares a very similar mantra to the aforementioned Detroit outfit; which is the annoying thing. Fair enough if you wish to remain unknown to the world, but for god sake get your own image dude! And the UR stickers on the car come off a bit Knight Rider. On the other hand he seems genuine in his attitudes towards the techno scene and clearly has strong spiritual beliefs. His music ain’t half bad neither…

You decide…


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