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DJ Maaco – 1987 Mixtape

While previously brushing the subject of Detroit In Effect, this little treasure appeared after frantic searches for more mega-paced, cruising through city lights, blamming pure electro. It’s unclear as to whether this mix is actually from 1987, or instead an ode to a specific time when pre-Drexciyan, straight up electronic funk was rife in the Motor City.

Comprising of DJ Maaco and P-Dog, D.I.E. are probably better known for their brilliantly underrated releases on Clone – Keep Hanging [2002] & The Men You’ll Never See Pt.2 [2003], and on Frustrated Funk as their further up-tempo Cybonix pseudonym. However, back in the D, releases on their own M.A.P. imprint remain the work of gods; true to the Atkinian, no-nonsense 808 electro workout of back in the day, with a ghetto/booty-tech flava. And the synth-heavy basslines would melt even the most robust T-1000 to the core. Pure body music!

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