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Sound of Mind – Programming

Forget the ones about robots dancing to music, or making music, or making love to a computer hard drive… and occasionally real women. This savagely rare old school cut from Detroit is the sound of a humanoid junky with wires coming out of his head; a harmless, beautiful dreg whose sole purpose is to program beats from beneath. With this image in mind, along with the stabby unpolished sinister hook throughout the tune, it brings to mind the raw aesthetic of industrial hyper cinema like Tetsuo: The Iron Man, with chrome shell suits thrown into the mix. Equally righteous and just as low profile, Detroit In Effect used the vocal sample on their track of the same name. However, this one can be purchased pretty easily on most specialist digital music download sites.

Sound Of Mind aka Erik Travis has done a few bits and pieces since this debut release from 1987, but typical of much awesome Detroit electro… it’s all rare as fuck.

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